The Soul Clock

soul clock a 2016Ladies and gentleman, I bring you a device of such stunning ingenuity that even the great Nikola Tesla remarked, “I wish I’d thought of this!” The Soul Clock, the newest, fiendish invention, straight from the laboratory of Justin Kirby, purveyor of mad science. This remarkable timepiece, fueled by souls of the departed, is truly perpetual. (Or at least, until the world runs out of souls, which, given that there are more than seven billion of us hairless apes on the planet, won’t be anytime soon.)

A marvelous fusion of thaumaturgy and technology, the Soul Clock is an egalitarian device, capturing both the ethereal essences of good and bad. It operates on the theory that opposites attract: note the blue (good) and red (bad) soul collectors on the lower left and right sides of the clock. Then note the opposing vial of good or bad essence positioned above, a necessity for attracting the correct soul polarity. Once captured in the collector, the energy is moved into chambers within the clock where it is distilled and then used to generate plasma.

This is an accusoul clock 2016rate timepiece, with the hours, minutes and seconds clearly indicated in brilliant electrik numbers on the front. Truly a must-have for any collector of arcane clocks!

Justin’s first, and hopefully, not last, steampunk clock. This one features authentic, vintage Nixie tubes (clock numbers) and an old clock case.

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