No Rain, No Rainbows

Sunny New Mexico day adobe dragon design studioOh, sure, New Mexico sun, shine bright and lemony in a clear blue sky nearly 365 days a year, except for the weekend when I need you the most — the weekend of Corrales Art & Studio Tour (CAST) 2016. Then totally abdicate, and leave the sky to gloomy, gray rain clouds.

And now, the Monday after, you’re back, shining brightly like you never ever left me. This is me, waiting for my apology. *Crickets, chirp, chirp.*

Despite our solar system’s fickle-fickle star, the studio tour was a smashing success! An amazing bunch of intrepid art aficionados came out and visited us at our studio. On Saturday, inKokopelli's Children Wind Chime adobe dragon design studio between rain showers, many took a tour of the garden and viewed the art in its native habitat. Sunday, the show moved indoors into our studio/workshop. But again, even with the blustery weather, we had a great turnout.

We chatted and met with loads of fascinating folks and also got to know several of our neighbors.  And on several occasions, money was exchanged for art. Hee. And the upside to moving everything in for the second day? At the end of the day, close of business, we didn’t have to schlep a bunch of heavy art out of the yard and into the shop. All that remained was to close and lock the doors, and call it a day.

Or a week, at least. Because this introvert is totally “peopled-out,” I’ll be avoiding yoo-mans like a vampire avoids sunshine for the next several days.

The year in art is off to a great start! Next up, Art in the Park, Sunday, June 5, in its new location in the Corrales Soccer Fields adjacent to the Grower’s Market.

Thanks to all who support art in New Mexico!

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