Introducing Echo

Lurcher, greyhound crossThose of you who have joined us in previous years at Art in the Park may remember our booth dog, Draco, a beautiful black-and-white, retired, racing greyhound. Unfortunately, our sweet baby passed away in February of 2014. At which point, I vowed to never get another dog again. EVER.

Then in December, when Justin was installing a lighted petroglyph sculpture for a client, he met a lovely little lurcher (greyhound cross). The little lurcher was being fostered by the client, but destined for a new home. She totally stole Justin’s heart. Justin said it was fortunate that she’d already been adopted, because he might have brought her home then and there.

Because she’s on the feisty side (with other dogs), the new home didn’t work out. A little over a month later, we broke down and adopted this silly little creature.

Unlike her predecessor, who was painfully shy, she loves people and is eager to meet ‘n greet  folks at the upcoming Corrales Art in the Park events. The first Art in the Park is June 7. Our garden will be part of the Corrales Garden tour that same day, and we’ll be too busy to attend.  Consequently, little Echo won’t make her debut until August 2.

She looks forward to meeting everyone!

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