Corrales Garden Tour 2015, Survived!

Harry the Headhunter I need a T-shirt that reads: “My garden and I survived Corrales Garden Tour 2015.”

It was loads of fun, but I got a mild case of heat exhaustion from standing in the sun all day chatting with the lovely folks who visited. Also, I’m an introvert. More like hermit, actually. So all that humanity was like a sledgehammer to the brain.

Nevertheless, the experience was worth it. A big “THANKS” to the Sandoval Master Gardeners and all the volunteers who staffed my little garden; herding people, answering questions, etc. Everything was well organized. All I had to do was make my garden pretty. The weather behaved itself–mostly–we had a smidgen of wind but none of the usual tornado-style downdrafts. Late in the afternoon, the sky opened up with a pleasant rain shower. Go figure. Rain. In New Mexico.

The same day, Justin was off at Art in the Park, the first show of the 2015 summer season. This meant Team Kirby split its forces, but in the end that added up to more eyeballs on our art and more sales. As usual, my windchimes were a hit, and we also sold two of our favorite pieces. My “Butterfly Fairy,” which, when not at craft shows, hangs in my living room, is now sold. And…”Harry the Headhunter” found a home as well. Harry is one of my favorite petroglyph sculptures because he is so wonderfully macabre. His tagline is: “Harry the Headhunter has had a great day. The head? Not so much.”

I also seem to be up to my eyeballs in requests for more windchimes. Time to rig up a jig for making bailing wire chain.

We Kirbys get a break from the art show thing for a month since there is no Art in the Park in July. We will both be at the August 2nd Art in the Park along with our new booth hound. See you there!

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