Corrales Art & Studio Tour (CAST) 2016

If it weren’t for Corrales Art & Studio Tour (CAST), our studio/workshop would never get clean.Elephant and baby windchime adobe dragon design studio

We sweep and tidy up a bit after every work session, but over time grime and metal dust accumulates in a thick layer on any not-easily accessible surface. Before yesterday, I think there was enough filth underneath Darth Vader, our air compressor, to grow potatoes. Thanks to recent winds, leaves and cottonwood fluff had accumulated into freakish dust rhinos in the corners. Vacuuming is always an adventure, especially when vacuuming under things. There’s that ominous rattle, jingle and crunch as mysterious somethings are sucked into the shop vac’s dusty bowels, and one thinks, “I hope that wasn’t important.”Octopus windchime, adobe dragon design studio

This year’s Corrales Art & Studio Tour brings you more than 70 New Mexico artists showcasing original, one-of-a-kind art, jewelry, textiles and crafts.  Come out to Corrales, New Mexico and enjoy the charming rural atmosphere, and visit our artists in their “native” environments. Great shopping April 30 through May 1, 10AM – 5PM.

Mother’s Day is almost here and this is the perfect opportunity to get your mom a gift that goes beyond the blah-boring “Made in China” mall crap. Come on, doesn’t Mom deserve a one-of-a-kind gift? Also, for early birds, it’s a great chance to find something for FaSteel garden penguin, adobe dragon design studiother’s Day.

Adobe Dragon Design Studio, #73 on the tour, will once again be opening our workshop and garden to visitors.  On view will be a variety of fun and sometimes functional art for home and garden. All price ranges and a variety of styles, from whimsical (the gmother elephant and baby windchimearden demons and gremlins) to traditional Southwestern designs (with our own flair, of course.)

We are #73 on the tour. Maps are available at booths on both ends of Corrales Road, at the Preview Gallery at the Old Church, and online, here.


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